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Martha Eats: Espresso Love

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Espresso Love, edgartown

Espresso Love, Edgartown

The fantastic thing about Espresso Love is that it’s always there for you: at 7 am before you head to work you can grab a hot cup of coffee, during your lunch break you can stop by for one of their delicious wraps or sandwiches while checking out their specials and picking up a sweet treat to satiate an after lunch sweet tooth, and, if you need an after work drink, there’s wine and beer too.

Located in downtown Edgartown, it’s the ideal place to meet up with friends as well as colleagues, catch a movie or enjoy dinner in town.

A little about Espresso Love from their website:

Carol McManus opened Espresso Love in 1992. She was new to the food business, but she loved to bake and was compelled to make a living – she was the single mother of 5! She set out to make the very best morning treats and coffee and it is this simple goal that has kept the counters busy from 6:30 am until late in the pm. Fresh baked goods, soups, sandwiches, pizza and, of course, great coffee keep the crowds coming all day long.

Espresso Love, Edgartown

Espresso Love, Edgartown

One of my favorite things to do is to grab a quick wrap for lunch at Espresso Love and head on over to The Wharf in Edgartown, where there are benches and  a fantastic view of the water. It’s the perfect way to relax during a busy day. Last week during one of my many stops at Espresso Love that week,  I  ordered  a Chicken Avo BLT, which includes grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado, mayo on toasted sour dough but I replaced the sourdough with a wheat wrap.

The Espresso Love employees are extremely accommodating and graciously made my wrap, as well as adding a side of one of my favorite house-made mayonnaises, the Citrus Mayo. If you’re around, check if they have it that day. It will make your day delicious!

Follow Espresso Love on Facebook for daily menu updates, as well as specials perfect to enjoy along with this gorgeous Spring weather!

Eating on a Budget on Martha’s Vineyard

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

You might think it’s impossible to eat on a budget on Martha’s Vineyard, known for its high-end boutiques, gorgeous  bed & breakfasts, etc. Ideally, we all want to be eating lobsters, oysters on the half shell, and attending clambakes, but those are the dreams that summer is made of.

martha's vineyard soup

The Vineyard currently is home to around 16.5k residents, but what do those residents eat when the summer season ends? Where are they shopping for their baked goods and sourcing their produce from during the cold winter months? Wanting to share some ideas on how to eat on a budget during the winter season, I’ve rounded up a few ways you can do this, no matter how small your budget is!

  • Get an Island Club Card: one of the best ways to save on island, as well as support local and small businesses on the Vineyard, the Island Card will provide you with discounts on everything from buying a new bike at Wheel Happy to a hefty 20% discount on taxi rides on Stagecoach! 
  • Barter with your neighbor: during the winter, community is the key word. If your neighbor has some chickens, talk about trading your services for fresh, organic eggs. Do you have a special skill or talent? Think about bartering them for local foods from your neighbors’ gardens!
  • Purchase store brands: when shopping at Stop & Shop, go for the generic brands instead of the pricier brand name product. With items such as sugar, oils, and rice, brand names don’t make much of a difference.
  • Drink tap water: save on purchasing bottled water by either drinking water from the tap or having a one time splurge and purchasing a Brita filter jug. This way you’ll both be saving money from not having to buy water, but also be lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Get a customer card: head to Stop & Shop either at their Edgartown or Vineyard Haven location and approach their customer service desk. Obtaining a customer card will give you amazing discounts on everyday items, as well as special offers! You can also rack up points and have money eventually discounted from when you pump gas!
  • Use coupons: buy the Sunday paper and clip those coupons! Have a printer? Head on over to and clip and print the coupons you can use. Remember to use coupons on items you regularly would purchase, not impulse buys.
  • Grow an herb garden: If you keep your home at a regulated temperature, a great savings idea is to start your own herb garden indoors and once they grow, replant and have them on an indoors windowsill. Harvesting your own herbs will save you a good amount of money, since fresh herbs can be expensive. Not only are you saving money, but herbs are a great health benefit and can keep your immune system up during the cold winter months.
  • Make Soups: sometimes we look in our fridge and see nothing appealing. Why not make a soup with a few odds and ends in there? Take that half potato, limp carrot, a few garlic cloves, and any greens: kale and broccoli stems work well; throw them into a pot of water, season them with salt, pepper, and your favorite spices. Simmer over medium heat and then blend. You’ll have a rich, hearty soup that was also inexpensive! Have a can of white beans? Add them. Found a lonely smoked pork chop in the freezer? Throw it in, bone and all!
  • Host a potluck: if you and your friends love to cook, host a potluck themed party. You’ll get a full meal out of it and maybe even some leftovers to take home!

Those are just a few to get you locals thinking on how to save up during the winter! Soon it’ll be summer again and we’ll be sipping sangria outdoors at Atria or having oysters on the dock of The Atlantic. In the meantime, it’s either any one of the above tips or dumpster diving, which has become quite trendy in some cities! Better yet, check out these soup recipes on Cooking with Books: Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup, Tuscan White Soup, and Thai Chicken Coconut Soup.

The Week Ahead (Mon., June 6 through Sun., June 12, 2011

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Reflecting back on the nearly thirty years I’ve spent on the Vineyard I can’t help but notice how much has changed.

For starters, the season has lengthened a bit year by year. Now we think nothing of seeing cars stream off the boat throughout June and even, to some degree in May. Galleries have multiplied and movie goers have had their options upped through by offerings from the MV Film Society and The MV Film Festival /Cinema Circus. The Vineyard playhouse has already kicked off its summer season and live music events around town and at local venues are almost too numerous to list…And it’s only June.

But the biggest change is reflected in the types and abundance of choices of where to eat and where to shop for an ever expanding buffet of foods. For locavores, there’s Community Supported Agriculture project which supplies its members with fresh Island sourced foods into autumn. The Farm Institute encourages us to grow our own and of course the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market still draws a crowd. For internationalists the list of available cuisines now spans the globe from Southern BBQ to Thai and back. A new charcuterie has opened in Edgartown and the number of specialty shops now includes a new butcher shop in Edgartown, an organic juice bar in Vineyard Haven, even sushi in Aquinnah! A European style bakery turns out world class breads, tortes, tarts and croissants.

Restaurants offer tapas, the already mentioned sushi, house-made pantry and inventive desserts. And the list goes on. Events reflect this sea-change with the arrival of Restaurant Week and the fall Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Festival joining June’s Taste of the Vineyard.
But there are a couple of things that haven’t changed: the Island’s timeless beauty and the perennial welcome mat put out for those who want to enjoy all the Island has to offer. Come see how much has changed and especially all that’s remained the same on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Weekahead through Sunday, September 26

Monday, September 20th, 2010

A run of gorgeous weekend weather and continued summer-like temperatures have kept the streets of Vineyard towns busy.  Restaurants are beginning to unveil autumn menus based on the plentiful harvest and return of bass, blues and other seasonal species to Vineyard waters.  It’s a great time to check back in with your favorite Martha’s Vineyard restaurant to see what’s on the menu.

Speaking of food, The Down Island Farmer’s Market is back this Tuesday  with its great selection of fresh local produce, artisanal cheeses and baked goods, coffee, olive oils, flowers and ice cream  and an eqally wonderful selection of handmade crafts . Great harbor view and fun shopping for everyone!

Out in Edgartown, The Vineyard Museum  welcomes Dr. Birgitta Linderoth Wallace, Archaeologist Emeritus of Parks Canada, who will provide an archaeologist’s interpretation of the Vinland Sagas on September 23. Come hear why her research puts to rest the long-held doubts that L’Ance Aux Meadows was the home of Leif Eriksson during his 11th-Century exploration of the western territories.  Speculation that Martha’s Vineyard may also have been a Viking landfall makes this an especially interesting  topic.  Takes place at The Federated Church in Edgartown ,  a reception to follow in the MV Museum Pease House galleries.

Later in the week, September 24-25, the Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters’ Festival 2010 will showcase some of Martha’s Vineyard’s most talented singers and songwriters.  Don’t miss this two day event celebrating not only the music but also our friends and neighbors whose special gift it is to create it. Oak Bluffs’ Union Chapel and Vineyard Haven’s Mansion House will play host to this event.

Dancer’s continue to showcase explorations of their craft on September 24-25 at The Yard’s Bessie Schönberg Residency.  Some of the most exciting emerging and established artists will be on stage to present  a program of innovation and artistry. If you’ve never attended a performance at The Yard’s intimate performance space now is a great time to discover both the dancing and the beautiful campus.  If you’ve been before, you’ll need no encouragement to return.

The week  ahead wraps up on Sept 26 with the Family Fall Farm Fest with Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish at RunAmok Farm in west Tisbury. Great food, fantastic music, games & plenty of family fun! Entree provided by RunAmok Farm - bring a potluck side, salad or dessert to share. Until next week…

Week Ahead through Sunday, August 29

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

The signs are everywhere, summer 2010 is on the wane.  Farm stands are bursting with summer’s produce, ferries are full of vehicles festooned with bikes and packed with summer memories. School supplies are replacing beach buckets and shovels and on store racks bikinis are being replaced by sweaters.

Make the most of this last week before the business of life starts again in September
Treat yourself to a luxurious massage, have a mani-pedi that won’t be worn away by sand and surf.  Catch up on the summer movie releases or browse for books and calendars that will remind you of Martha’s Vineyard until your next visit.

Bid farewell to the Tisbury Great Pond at the Trustees of Reservation sponsored twilight kayak paddle. Event runs from sunset through moonrise, on this 2½ -hour tour. Reservations required; space is limited. Kayaks, life jackets, and gear provided. Ages 16 and up only.

The Featherstone Flea and  Fine Arts Market is certainly worth one last look on Tuesday August 24th or take a stroll around Edgartown with Polly Hill Arboretum collections and grounds manager, Tom Clark from 10 am to 12 noon for an informative and fun walking tour of the many glorious mature trees of Edgartown.  Discover for yourself the many unique and fine specimens that flourish in Edgartown’s historic downtown.

The Chilmark Film Festival/Cinema Circus ends its season in a blaze of glory on August 25th when Martina Fajkusova, a fire dancer, performs at the closing night. Fire Show starts at approximately 5:45 pm at the Chilmark Community Center. ‘Along for the Ride’ at 5 pm and  ‘Waste Land’ (beginning at  8 pm) are the closing night’s featured films.

The FARM  Institutes summer series Eat Global, Cook Local wraps this week on August 28 with a topic that couldn’t be closer to home when Jan Buhrman and Robert Lionette from Kitchen Porch Catering explore the traditional foods of the Martha’s Vineyard Wampanoag.

Get the last laugh on August 28th when New York political comedian Scott Blakeman brings his political to the Grange Hall in West Tisbury. Blakeman appears regularly on The Strategy Room, a live webcast at Or if  the humor of Lenny Clarke and Friends is more your style catch one of the two shows at David Ryan’s in Edgartown on Saturday night, August 28.

Movies and more sunshine…

Monday, March 8th, 2010

The weekend was a big surprise … particularly the big glowing ball in the sky that we haven’t seen much of lately.

After the snow squalls and blustery winds, it seems like every one has the same idea in mind:  ‘The sun’s out let’s take a walk!’ Downtown is buzzing and even the beaches are getting visitors.  Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary should have perfect weather for its March 10th Senior Stroll this Wednesday.

March is Woman’s History Month.  To mark the occasion ACE, the Island’s adult continuing education organization, offers a seminar ‘Women and the African Diaspora’ on Monday March 8th.  And speaking of remarkable women, we should mention that the West Tisbury Library has designated March to be Grace Kelly Month. Kickin off  the series of films in which she stars is ‘Rear Window’, screening at the library at 7 pm, Monday night.

If you get a craving for great Indian food from time to time, you won’t want to miss the Vineyard Haven Library’s presentation, Indian Cooking with Uma Datta. An experienced caterer and cooking teacher, Uma will share with us her rich traditions in the history and art of cooking on Tuesday March 9th.  The following day, Le Roux hosts Offshore Ale’s Phil McAndrews  at its weekly cooking demo. Stop in and pick up some great tips…for St. Paddie’s Day maybe?  To extend the mood…there’ll be Irish music at Offshore the same evening.

Also on Wednesday, The Vineyard Playhouse hosts a benefit screening of “House of Bones,” Victoria Campbell’s documentary about her ancestral West Chop home and the drama that unfolds as the family prepares to relinquish a house full of memories. Following the screening, Ms. Campbell and photographer Abby Pope will present a short video of the aftermath of Haitian earthquake followed by a discussion of their remarkable journey and mission to provide relief work and aid. Proceeds from the film and reception will benefit these efforts. A wine and cheese reception  follows.

The week winds up with the 10th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival beginning on Friday the 12th and ending on Sunday March 14th.  In addition to the great selection of films we’ve come to expect from this always excellent event, the schedule includes a number of  Talk Back opportunities with filmmakers, directors and David Denby, film critic from the New Yorker.  An unparalleled opportunity to watch, discuss and enjoy a world of exceptional film.

On the Homefront

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The week got off to a lazy start with the President’s Day holiday giving us all an extra day to recoup from this stormy season and Valentine celebrations.

Keeping in step with the wintry weather we’ve been experiencing, the Vineyard Haven library welcomes Oceanographer Andrew McDonnell who will share  photographs, stories, and basic science from his research and travels to Antarctica in 2009. We’ll explore some of the scenery, wildlife, and people that make Antarctica such a unique and magnificent place. He will also explain some of the scientific objectives and operations on and around the continent and describe how a rapidly changing climate is threatening  the ice, oceans and ecosystems of the region.

Cooking and keeping warm is on everyone’s mind these days and to that end the week brings two events to keep the pots bubbling.  On Wednesday, February 17th  Robert Lionette comes to Le Roux at Home to share some of is kitchen expertise. Later in the week you are invited to learn about soups with cookbook author Cathy Walthers whose new book Soups and Sides will add inspiration to the undertaking.  Lunch is of course, included.

Over the coming weekend the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society presents The Messenger, a powerful and tender story about a returned war hero making his first steps toward a normal life. In his first leading role, Ben Foster stars as Will Montgomery, a U.S. Army officer who has just returned home from a tour in Iraq and is assigned to the Army’s Casualty Notification service.  Ending the week on a high note, on the following Sunday The Capawock Theater continues it’s opera series with Bizet’s timeless masterpiece, “Carmen,” filmed at “Teatro Alla Scala,” in  Milan, Italy.


Hot Cider and Cool Breezes

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Just ten days and counting until Thanksgiving and the Island is already reflecting the holiday atmosphere.  Days are of course shorter now and there is, for the first time this season, an autumnal nip in the air.  Passing by Waterside Market in Vineyard Haven, its easy to be lured inside for a cup of their hot mulled cider by the spicy aroma that escapes  each time the door is opened.  Tisbury’s wild turkey populations seem restless and flocks can often be seen crossing from one side of the Edgartown Road to the other as if they’re unable to decide where best to roost.

If you’ve not started planning your Thanksgiving feast you at least may want to turn your attention to what you’ll be serving for dessert.  Island bakers and bakeries are taking orders for pies, offering old favorites such as apple and pumpkin along with more exotic options such as white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake from Cakes by Liz.   Order now, the holiday will be here before you know it!

Meanwhile there’s still lots to do during the lengthening Island nights. Irish music fans have a lot to look forward to this week:  Over at the Katharine Cornell Theater Buille with special guest Karan Casey performs in concert in at the Katharine Cornell Theater as the KCT Concerts series continues to bring live music to the Vineyard Haven stage on Friday November 20th.  If you can’t wait, be sure to catch the weekly Irish session that take place every Wednesday at Offshore Ale. While you’re there, order a few rounds of their fresh shucked oysters to go with the house-brewed ale.

If you feel like the luck of the Irish is upon you head on over to Casino Night at the Edgartown Yacht Club.  The Friday event  benefits the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls and the  $10 admission includes a light harvest supper.  How can you lose!

Autumn on Lagoon Pond

Autumn on Lagoon Pond

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Happy Halloween!
Scarecrows are out in abundance this year and they seem to get more imaginative year by year. A couple of my favorites include the one in front of Educomp portraying a woman taken from the French Impressionist painting hung on the building’s exterior.   Much different but equally cool, is the crazy humanoid conglomeration of nuts, bolts and odds parts in front of  Net Result.  The weather has been beyond beautiful so take a stroll and see what’s witchy.

Ready, Set… Spook!
This is the last week before Halloween… if you haven’t picked out your pumpkin and  found yourself a suitable costume do it now!  You’ll find lots of pumpkins on Island farms and at the grocers - I picked up mine last Sunday at Morning Glory Farm.  For one stop Halloween shopping try Shirley’s, the hands-down headquarters for makeup and costumes for yourself, your home and the jack o’lantern destined for your front porch. Island thrift shops, in Vineyard Haven and in Edgartown, have both set aside a rack of costume-appropriate clothing. (Hmmm, pretty nice…I wonder what it means when you actually consider some of the stuff on these racks suitable for every-day wear!?).

Attention all spooks: Both Vineyard Haven and Edgartown businesses will be handing out treats on Halloween, so get your goody bags ready!

No Rest for the Wicked

Though common sense might lead you to want to rest up for all the Halloween parties this coming Saturday, the week ahead has so much going on you might not have time: l’etoile hosts two culinary events this week; the first a cooking class on the 28th and the second on the 29th focusing on wine selection.  Also in Edgartown on the 28th, Sharky’s Cantina and Felix Neck team up to introduce a new cocktail, the Felix Neckarita.  Free passed apps add to the festive atmosphere.  The folks at Mediterranean restaurant take a culinary trip to France this Thursday, October 29th. Join them and linger over the sunny wines and foods of Provence.

Wining, Dining & Dancing

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Wining, dining, dancing and, when you need a break, international films selected by the folks at the MV Film Society – get ready to pencil in your plans for another busy week on Martha’s Vineyard.

Jump start your weekend this Thursday at Mediterranean’s fabulous 5-course wine tasting.  This week chef Doug Hewson focuses his talents on the delights of the Italian table with each course being paired with wines selected by a representative of Martignetti Wines. Eat, explore, taste and compare…alone or with a crowd, it’s a great way to extend the pleasure of dining out (and pick up a few pointers to impress your friends in the future!).  If you can’t make it this week, the series will continue with culinary visits to other countries and vineyards.

Keep on Dancin’
Summer over?…who sez?! Be part of the hometown crowd out at Nectar’s this coming weekend as, Island son Phil Darosa wails the night away.  Though Island weather can be expected to pack a chill, a few turns around the dance floor will make it seem like summer again…

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot
Now that you’ve got your groove on, move on over to Mediterranean on Saturday night for the YMCA’s Salsa fundraiser featuring  DJ Jose Sanabria. Salsa lessons begin at 7:30 pm and dancing starts at 8;30 until????   Support a really great cause while having a really great time.

Richard Paradise checked in with MVOL this morning with a great new line-up of films at the Katharine Cornell Theater.  This week ‘Saraphine,’ the winner of Seven Cesars (France’s equivalent of the Academy Award) including Best Picture and Actress, comes to the Katharine Cornell Theater. It is the true story of  painter Saraphine de Senli, a turn-of-the-century  Susan Boyle, who began painting at age 41 and achieved worldwide fame.

Around town pumpkins and their artistically altered cousins, jack-o-lanterns, are popping up everywhere. To make things even spookier, The MV Public Charter has announced the return of their yearly Scarecrow Contest fundraiser. Over the  next two weeks expect to see scarecrows in front of businesses all over the Island. A $75 donation lets you  sponsor  a scarecrow the and builders may win prizes including gift certificates from  Bunch of Grapes, Edgartown Books, Educomp, Island Entertainment, Summer Shades, and Vineyard Electronics. The school hopes to raise $6000 this year to kick off their Annual Drive towards upgrading their Science Lab. For more info call Paul Karasik 293-4059

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